Reviews from our clients!  Thank you everyone!

  • Kim Bonacker

    2019-07-02 “Changing tattoo artists is always daunting, but Ive found my new go to place! just got a beautiful watercolor DNA molecule tattoo done today and I am absolutely in love! high quality and at a super affordable rate. cant wait to set up my next appointment!”

  • Jodi Davick

    2019-07-19 “Took my daughter today for piercing & re-piercing. Clean & comfortable environment, professional artists! Happy we took the drive, well worth it.”

  • Sam Lescarbeau

    2019-06-17 “The shop was extremely clean and organized. The staff were welcoming, efficient, informative, patient, and friendly!!”

  • Olivia de Gruyl

    2019-05-24 “Erin did a great job with the text tattoo I asked for. The lines were crisp and even and the black was uniform. on top of it all, she has a wonderful personality.”

  • Amelia Jayne

    2019-05-21 “I got 2 tattoos there today and am happy with the results.”

  • Heather Darling

    2019-05-14 “Erin recreated a vision of a tattoo I wanted, and she did an amazing job!”

  • Jen Barr Santana

    2019-05-14 “I have had two tattoos done here by Erin and she is spot-on with fine line work as well as color and shading. I highly recommend her if you’re in the market for a great tattoo at a great price.”

  • Deborah Hoffman

    2019-05-13 “Daughter and I went to get mom/daughter tattoo and it looks great!”

  • Margaret Reilly Streeter

    2019-04-26 “We had an awesome experience with Penelope today!!! My daughter Nora (6) was ready to have her ears pierced and based on the positive reviews I’ve read I chose Haven Body Arts. I’m very thankful I did! Penelope was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. She talked my daughter through every step, made her laugh, and really shared in the excitement of the experience. Penelope showed me all of the instruments and I felt confident that my daughter was in safe and professional hands. I would highly recommend Haven Body Arts and Penelope to any and all who are looking for a truly great piercing experience.”

  • Katy Bai

    2019-04-26 “GREAT JOB JAY… great place for piercings… up front n honest…????????????????????”

  • Katie Gress

    2019-04-11 “Was having an awful mental health day and needed something to help me! Headed straight to Haven and got a beautiful septum piercing! They are amazing a truly know how to lift ones spirits!????”

  • Jess Boucher

    2019-03-26  “Awesome female owned shop Penelope is amazing at piercing and there tattoo artist are awesome too.”

  • Kassidyy Lee

    2019-03-18  “Such a great experience going here for the first time . Very nice and clean , I’ve officially found my new tattoo shop”

  • Angela Taal

    2019-03-15  “Jay was amazing with our daughter (and Husband and I haha) So happy with our decision to go to Haven and wait until after 6 months to get her pierced. It was such a stress free appointment. Jay made sure we knew it was our appointment with him and we could do whatever would keep us and Our daughter comfortable. She got one ear done I nursed her alittle and she got the second done. It was a great experience super clean and professional. I always thought getting a baby’s ears pierced would be so stressful rushed and crazy and this was nothing like that!! Thanks to the reviews and suggestions I’ve gotten from friends to go to him. ❤️”

  • Ann Rasmussen

    2019-03-03  “Talented & friendly piercers, immaculately clean facility, great w/ kids & first-timers, large collection of quality jewelry, easy to buy gift certificates. We love Haven Body Arts, have been here several times.”

  • Sasha Jimenez

    2019-03-02  “Erin tattooed me; she was amazing — so sweet, and accommodating. She was careful, and so gentle. I love her!  Jay; A TRULY talented piercer. He did my conch, and it was so smooth. He was funny, and walked me through every step.  Thank you both!”

  • Starr Murphy

    2019-02-23  “Went their yesterday to get my nose pierced. Was very nervous because it was my first time getting my nose pierced but Jay was very nice. Jay walks you through everything. He will let you know what his gonna do before he does it. I highly recommend Haven Body Arts. Definitely worth the money. I will be back for more nose rings soon.”

  • Karye Allard

    2019-02-21  “I took my 7yr old to get her ears pierced and had THE BEST experience! Jay was so patient and calming, talking her through each process and letting her call the shots. She was initially so scared but went through with it without shedding a tear. She loves her new earrings and feels so proud of herself for doing something she was afraid of. ❤️❤️”

  • Jackie Adler Tripicco

    2019-02-16  “Took my 12 year today to get her ears pierced. Jay came highly recommended by several friends and his reviews were glowing so we decided to make the 1 hour trek to Noho. From start to finish everyone at Haven was wonderful. The wait was long, but worth it. Jay was outstanding with my daughter. She was pretty nervous and he was patient and kind and I trusted him immediately. All of the sterile procedures made me very happy. She was pleasantly surprised how little it hurt. I will definitely recommend Haven to anyone looking for a great piercing experience!”

  • Kristi Beisecker

    2019-02-06  “Pleased with my experience. I had Penelope and she did a good job despite my ears having a lack of cartilage. The whole experience was smooth and even a day after I do not have a lot of pain in the cartilage.”

  • Jennifer Rose Landry

    2019-01-23  “I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for piercings!”

  • Tyler LaCamera

    2019-01-22  “I’ll admit. I was a little nervous for the industrial piercing. As soon as Penelope called me in. I knew I went to the right place. She’s so nice! Personal and knowledgeable about her field. Would recommend 110%!”

  • Casey Italia

    2019-01-18  “Jay was phenomenal!!! Totally made my experience more comfortable than I could have ever imagined!”

  • Kimberly Ann Sherman

    2019-01-03  “I had a good time with Natalie. Thank you it’s amazing”.

  • Elizabeth Oles

    2018-12-28  “Great experience last night with piercer Jay! I have had a few things done with him on different occasions and each time he has been very professional, informative , patient and gentle.  I have brought friends and family to Haven and they have all had positive experiences!”

  • Owen Zaret

    2018-12-24  “Excellent experience all around bringing my 10 year old daughter to get her ears pierced.”

  • Shannon Wing

    2018-12-16  “I’ve gotten 2 tattoos and 2 piercings done there now, and I always have such a great experience anytime I go there! Highly recommend going here!”

  • Rose Emily Welcome

    2018-12-14  “Erin gave me the cutest little moon tattoo and I love it. She was pleasant, professional and quick but still thorough. I’ve been tattooed and pierced here years ago and had great experiences then too. Very helpful staff and they answer messages quickly. Thanks Haven! See you again!”

  • Airwrecca Arroyo

    2018-12-11  “Very accepting and talented artists. Every time I go i have a great experience”

  • Marie Regonini

    2018-12-10  “Jay is THE best!! He is always willing to give sound advice regarding my piercing and is super patient and understanding.”

  • Dannielle Becker

    2018-12-04  “Took my daughter to get her nose pierced on 12/1.. Jay was AMAZING… I would recommend Haven over and over again.. and we will be back soon!!!”

  • Brie Wickland

    2018-11-24  “Absolutely loved the friendliness of the staff and how they made my experience there awesome! Thank you love my industrial piercing can’t wait to go back in two weeks for my tattoo”

  • Sage Cook

    2018-10-26  “I had an amazing experience getting my first tattoo done by Erin! she was super nice, extremely knowledgeable and my tattoo is gorgeous!”

  • Michelle Graton

    2018-10-16  “Great experience, love my new piercings by Jay! ????????”

  • Maddie Bentz

    2019-10  “Penelope was AMAZINGGG, so funny and super sweet, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!! All high end jewelry, can be a little pricey but well worth it!”

  • Danielle Beaulieu

    2018-09-21  “Went to get pierced an hour before closing and Jay was professional, patient, knowledgeable, and most importantly, funny. Thanks so much to the front end staff as well for being welcoming and professional. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else in the future!”

  • Emily Moody

    2018-09  “I had a great experience here! We surprised a friend for her birthday with a tattoo and they were willing to help us out when we called! My friend wanted her first tattoo to be done by a woman, and in a shop that was inviting/relaxing. We found that! It was easy to set up and Erin did awesome. Her work is dope and so is she! We had fun, and my friend had an awesome first tattoo experience. Thanks! (Be sure to check out Erin’s work, she’s super talented)”

  • Charlie Pearson

    2018-09  “Went in for a piercing with Penelope, she was great! So funny and walked me through the process. Overall great experience.”

  • Nicola Salomone

    2018-09 “I came into the shop today for the second time. Once again I was not disappointed. Penelope took her time with me and made sure my new piercings were placed perfectly. She answered all of my questions and was extremely patient. I will definitely be coming back for another!”

  • Megan Stoner

    2018-09 “My 3 roommates and I were very nervous to get our first cartilage piercings, but Penelope at Haven made it painless and eased our nerves! She was so helpful and answered all of our many questions! Would definitely recommend Haven to anyone who is nervous about getting a new piercing since they have such a welcoming and clean environment!”

  • Kelsey Rae Stasiewski

    2018-09-07  “Penelope is amazing! I drove an hour to get a rook piercing 2 weeks ago because of the reputation of her shop. She made the whole experience so calm and easy going and you can tell shes and expert in her field. I can’t wait to come back and add some more jewelry to my ears ????”

  • Kaitlin Taylor

    2018-09-07  “I brought my 7 year old in to have her ears pierced, and she had the best experience. Jay was patient, calm, and made my daughter comfortable throughout the entire visit. I will definitely be recommending Haven to friends and family!”

  • MaryBeth Morin Piquette

    2018-09-02  “Extremely knowledgeable and made the experience so much fun…everyone had great attitudes and were super personable. I felt very confident in Penelope’s attention to keeping a sterile field, being in the medical profession I could tell she takes it very seriously and that put my mind at ease. The piercing wasn’t painful at all and the results are awesome. So really all around a great experience! Thank you so much. MB”

  • Becca Sanborn

    2018-08-31  “I’ve had countless positive experiences here. They’re always so cheerful and helpful when I go in”

  • Nicole Ann

    2018-08-26  “Penelope pierced my vertical labret today and I am IN LOVE!!! Not only did it turn out perfect, she was super friendly, personable, and sweet, not to mention professional! She is my new go-to piercer for sure!! Thank you again! 

  • Stacy Lynn

    2018-08-21  “Great experience! The woman at the counter (I forgot her name) was super helpful and not pushy. Jay did my piercing. He was knowledgeable, easy going, funny and made the experience 100% awesome. I highly recommend this business.”

  • April Lee White

    2018-08-19  “Very nice professional and accommodating.”

  • Jamie Theresa

    2018-08-11  “My daughter wanted to get her ears pierced for her 8th birthday so I started doing some research and decided to skip the mall piercing gun madness and take her to a professional. I saw so many wonderful reviews about Jay at Haven that I decided this was our place to go. I feel so grateful that I can now write my own review about our stellar experience!
    I decided to take her in to see the shop and meet Jay last week. She was a bit nervous but after meeting him she got super excited! We went in yesterday on her birthday and the entire experience was nothing short of perfection! Jay has a super friendly, calming way about him. He clearly knows how to talk to children and make them feel comfortable. From the get go he made it clear that she was the boss and the one in charge. He put on a Disney playlist which was awesome. Explained exactly what was happening every step of the way and asked her permission for anything that had to do with her personal space. He made her laugh and smile the entire time. Took his time, chatted with her, didn’t rush at all. As parents we want what’s best for our kids and I’m certain this was the best possible experience with ear piercing she could have had! She keeps talking about how happy she is with her new earrings and how she is so happy that she did it and how much she liked Jay. She has had absolutely zero pain or even been at all uncomfortable since. The quality jewelry that is used is awesome too. As a kid who got mall pierced I can remember the torture of the pointy earring backs poking me when i laid down at night, the flat backs are sooo much better. Thank you so very much for making this such an awesome experience and a memorable moment for both of us. I will, for sure, highly recommend this shop to anyone i know who is thinking of getting a piercing. Most importantly parents with kids who may tend to overlook a professional piercer and head to the mall.”

  • Melissa Garriepy

    2018-08-03  “Always a great piercing experience for me and my daughters. And Jay is amazing. His competence, patience, and sensitivity to how his clients are feeling goes above and beyond.”

  • Dorothy Sedlak

    2018-07-27  “I have been to Haven several times for piercings with Penelope who was always great, however my experience with Jay today was so awesome! I came in to have my septum re-pierced after having been refused by other area piercers since I had it pierced several times before and was told there was too much scare tissue. Jay immediately said there was no reason to have been told that and asked me some questions about how long I had it before taking it out and how long it had been since I removed it. He said it was probably still open and took me in the room to see if it was. Sure enough, it was! He put the jewelry in and sent me on my way in under 5 minutes- only costing me a fraction of what it would have if I had to have it re-pierced. Thank you, Jay for taking the time to see if it was still open instead of just re-piercing it!”

  • Seaira Wolfe

    2018-07-18  “I’ve had my Tragus, helix(cartilage), and my second lobe piercings all done at Haven. I won’t go anywhere else!

    They are clean professional and SO fun to work with. They make sure your piercings look good with the current set up you have and place them where they will look good with future piercings.

    Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to get piercings!!”

  • Michelle Zaleski

    2018-06-27 “My daughter and I have been pierced by Jay and will be returning for more (I have a project coming up and she has a few ideas for the upcoming months)! Jay talks you through everything and has a great eye when it comes to helping you find the perfect spot for your next piece of body jewelry. This shop also has the best selection we’ve seen in MA so far!  Everyone makes you feel comfortable and welcome.  You won’t be disappointed if you make the trek, we drive 1.5 hours every time to do so!”

  • Jenna Barthlow

    2018-06-13  “Loved getting my tattoo here. Erin did a great job on my dad (who got his first tattoo here) and I.”

  • Steph Puro

    2018-06-12  “Walked in for a conch piercing. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the piercing and jewelry. Able to talk to me about the pros/cons of the brands. Showed me several pieces of jewelry and didn’t seem inconvenienced. Jay was my piercer and he was professional and experienced. Piercing was virtually painless, he made it quick and easy! Helped me figure out the positioning of the piercing. Detailed aftercare instructions. Entire process was simple and professional. Thanks a lot!”

  • Dawn Osowski

    2018-05-31  “It was my first time having a tattoo done at Haven what made it even better was that a old friend did my tattoo Erin, she is so very talented , professional , kind and makes you feel at ease.The elephant tattoo i had done she made it her own it had such great detail and loved the pops of color she used .This tattoo is one of the best tattoos I have had done! The whole staff was very welcoming and made the whole experience a great one I would highly recommend anyone to come to Haven for a tattoo or piercing you will not regret it!”

  • Heather-Ann Bédard

    2018-05-08  “I was visiting from Montreal and decided to mark the occasion, Jay was absolutely charming – but incredibly professional and patient with years of experience. The vibe of the shop was very chill, it was bright, clean, and modern. Everyone was so well informed that I barely had any questions, and those that I did have were met with kindness and great information. I don’t generally like people near my face, but Jay was very communicative about when he would be touching me, and I was completely at ease. I will definitely be stopping by again the next time I am in town. It was a real treat to stop in after having been at Haven: Bloodlust on April 27th. Amazing. More stars! All the stars!”

  • Meagan Maldonado

    2018-05-01  “Just had my nose re-pierced by Penelope . This is my 2nd done from her and the experience was just fun and easy. I happened to be walking by and I just decided to walk in. Penelope was awesome and answered my barrage of questions! Will be back soon!”

  • Natie SaNtos

    2018-04-25  “Erin @ Haven Body Arts created a black and gray realism tattoo of a framed barbell with waves crashing into it on my bicep today! For me, this was a symbolic piece that represents overcoming obstacles. She captured this so beautifully for me in her work!
    Her detail work, light hand and amazing skills made this piece come to life and I’m beyond excited!
    Plus she has an amazing personality so it made the whole experience fun!
    I will spread the word on my end and highly recommend her to all of my friends!”

  • Micah Watson

    2018-04-21  “Wonderful experience!! I was wicked nervous but everyone was so friendly, the music was fun, it was a great time and I’ll be back for sure!! Got my nose pierced by Jay and he was fantastic!!”

  • Eibhlin MacAodhagain

    2018-04-18  “Awesome people working here. I’ve had many ear piercings from Penelope and Jay in the past 3 years, all of which have been perfect. Thanks!”

  • Marykate Jillson

    2018-04-14  “I brought my almost three year old daughter today to get her ears pierced. She has some social and communication disorders so she wanted to have earrings but didn’t want a stranger to do it. I reached out about visiting so we could become friends with a piercer so she could make the decision herself. I immediately heard back from Jay with an amazing response about being excited to met her, ways to make her feel comfortable, suggestions to make it a great experience for my daughter and offered time to just hang out so she could get familiar with the environment and Jay and everything. We came in and Jay was unbelievable with her;she didn’t say much but he was able to read her body language and response and understand how she was feeling. He gave her a tour and talked her through each and every thing. She decided she was ready TODAY ! I expected to need to visit a handful of times before she was ready. Jay fit us in and never made us feel rushed in any way. He had no problem with our daughter wanting myself, my husband and her two siblings in the room as well. He included her in each part of the process and was so upbeat and positive. Both my husband and I were so blown away by the entire experience. As a parent it was so great to watch our daughter feel comfortable and in control and make a decision on her own. We will be recommending Jay to everyone ! Her earrings look great and the whole family had a really fun day !”

  • Amy Toscano

    2018-03-31  “Very professional workers who are patient, informative, and pleasant.
    I traveled over an hour just to be pierced by Jay who’s reputation of being an excellent piercer does not do him justice. I highly recommend him.”

  • Colleen Pease

    2018-03-28 “I have been going to Haven for most of my piercings and I have the BEST experience every time!! Their jewelry is amazing quality and lasts forever. The staff is always so fun and efficient! I also got my first tattoo recently from Erin at Haven and it was the best experience ever, she has so much talent and I’m in love with my first tattoo. I’ll never go anywhere else!”

  • Janelle Marie

    2018-03-26 “We had an amazing experience with Jay today!! My 5 year old daughter had her ears pierced- he was so good with her and made her (and I) feel so comfortable!! I highly recommend Jay and look forward to heading back to get my youngest daughters ears pierced soon!!”

  • Barbara Hart

    2018-03-18 “Awesome experience! first time at tattoo-piercing place & will not be going anywhere else. Jay was absolutely great! I love my daith & nostril piercing, I feel like a new person! will be going back to get a daith piercing on my other ear next week. Thanks Haven Body  Arts”

  • Amy Buhbye

    2018-03-06 “Super clean and amazing staff!! I felt like I made the right choice from the minute I walked in the door. A friend and I both got pierced. Thank you!”

  • Alyssa Santos

    2018-03-03 “Such awesome service! The piercer was extremely kind and straightforward about it all. An amazing experience will be returning. Thank you”

  • Kiana Bauer

    2018-02-25 “I wanted to get a simple nose piercing and Penelope helped me pick the type and the receptionist helped with the size and color! They were all super welcoming and the place was clean and comfortable. Penelope has sphinx cats ( Hairless) and being a lover of them myself, we talked about that the whole time! She’s super nice and funny, knows her stuff, and open to helping you relax. Most definitely coming again!”

  • Veronica Chaisson

    2018-02-25 “I went with a friend while she got a Daith done. The place was clean and the staff was very friendly and professional. Penelope was amazing, funny and reassuring. If I ever decide on another tattoo or piercing in the future, this place is a definite.”

  • Hailley Kathleen King

    2018-02-20  “This place was amazing! The people are great the atmosphere is great and I’m soooooo greatful for my beautiful tattoo by ROMAN! I will be coming back and back again ! I suggest this place to anyone looking for tattoos or piercings in the future! 

  • Jennifer Toelken

    2018-02-05 “I had been thinking about having a daith piercing for quite some time, but wasn’t really sure where to go. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that she had hers done at Haven last summer. After looking at their website and following them on Facebook and Instagram for a few weeks, I decided that Haven was where I wanted to go to have it done. Brooke was amazing and made me feel at home. My piercing looks and feels great after only a day. I highly recommend them and their extremely friendly, clean, and bright atmosphere.”

  • Victoria Roback

    2018-01-15  “I have been to Haven many times for piercings and recently went there to get my first tattoo. The shop is extremely clean and the staff is awesome! Huge shout out to Erin for doing an amazing job on my tattoo! She made me feel completely relaxed and her work is flawless! I will definitely be coming back for more ink!”

  • Stacey Atwood

    2018-01-08  “I walked into Haven with my girlfriend not knowing that we would leave with such an amazing experience. As soon as we walked in we felt at home, it felt like we were meant to be there. I never had imagined that we would be bonding with such amazingly talented humans. It was almost overwhelming.
    Penelope did some amazing work with my gf and we instantly connected over kitty cats.
    We then were introduced to Erin and connected on an interstellar musical level. Erin was also my first lady tattooist. She has such a light hand and I couldn’t be happier. Her portrait art pieces are unbelievable and this lady can make a mirror look bad ass.
    Both of these women are a force to be reckoned with and I’m so honoured to call them my friends.
    5 stars just doesn’t cut it. If there was a 10+ option you bet id be all over it.”

  • Courtney Mungeam

    2018-01-08  “I had always heard about Penelope and the staff at Haven, and when I was in NoHo for the weekend, I knew I had to stop by. I wasn’t really planning on getting anything, I more just wanted to see the shop. Well, three hours at the shop and a few new friends later, my girlfriend and I left with brand new tattoos from Erin, and I left with all new jewelry for my nose piercings, inserted by Penelope. This was, hands down, the best experience I have had at a shop after 6 years of getting body mods. Erin, even though she’s only been tattooing on skin since August, shows huge promise, has amazing skill in portraiture and beyond in her artistic portfolio, and has the lightest hand of anyone I’ve been tattooed by. There is no question in my mind that in no time at all, she will take the tattoo world by storm. The whole time we were being tattooed and even before, it just felt like we were hanging out with old friends. If I could give more than 5 stars I would, and we for sure will be back at Haven to visit Erin and Penelope many times in the future, even though it’s 2.5 hours away from home. It is far more than worth the trip!”

  • Rj Ligenza

    2018-01-07  “I went in tonight for my first tattoo and the staff and Erin blew it out of the water!! Very pleased with her attention to detail and making sure I got what I wanted! I will be return for my next tattoo with out a doubt!!!”

  • Iomay Caban

    2018-02-25 “I got a daith piercing a few hours ago. I had a wonderful experience with Penelope! It was less painful than stubbing your toe and it was over much quicker than it too . I would highly recommend Haven for your next piercing!”

  • Kerry Rene

    2018-01-01  “Erin V is my new favorite artist! You’re my GIRL, Blue!”

  • Ellen Wegman

    2017-12-27  “When my 14 year old daughter came to me and said she wanted to pierce her nose, my first instinct was to say NO. I stopped myself and started asking questions. She explained what she wanted to do and why. I told her I wanted to talk with her cousins. Her cousins are in their 30’s and have nose studs. They answered all our questions and told us about Penelope and Haven Body Arts. So the day after Christmas, I took my daughter out to Northampton. When we entered the very clean establishment, we were met by a very sweet, helpful, and informative staff member. Then we met our piercer, Penelope. Penelope was the perfect match for my daughter and I. Penelope was very patient as she explained everything several times to us. Penelope also had a great sense of humor and gentle bed side manner which went a long way in relaxing both my daughter and I. She was professional as she sanitized and walked us through exactly what she was going to do. Afterwards, we all laughed and joked about music and other interests. My daughter and I left Haven feeling like we had a new best friend. Overall an excellent experience. Thank you Penelope for being YOU!”

  • Melissa Lavallee

    2017-12-13  “Spontaneous trip to get a tattoo for my birthday today. Erin did a wonderful job! She was very friendly. She went above and beyond my expectations. I am very happy with my tattoo. Thank you”

  • Amanda Beckwith

    2017-11-27  “I have gone to Haven for multiple piercings and tattoos and they are simply PHENOMENAL!! The counter staff are so sweet and friendly and are always able to answer all my questions. I have been pierced and tattooed by Jay, Penelope, and Roman and they all are so knowledgeable, talented, honest, and patient! When you go to Haven you get a quality experience from people who know what they’re doing. I would highly recommend it!!!”

  • Bailey Davenport

    2017-11-17  “Both my tattoos are cute asf, Roman’s amazing n Penelope really took her time to make sure my nipple piercings were perfect n Jay always did a super good job on my piercings. N Kelsey at the front desk is always super cute and helpful.”

  • Meghan McKenzie

    2017-11-12  “The absolute best place for tattoos and piercings! Been going there for years and after 2 piercings and 2 tattoos, I’ll definitely be back!”

  • Ivy Musa

    2017-11-10 “Jay is simply amazing. Our 8 year old was a little nervous to get her lobes pierced but he made it as comfortable as possible by giving her complete control over the process. He was incredibly patient and respectful, and I was impressed with how meticulous he was from start to finish. Parents, please do not let a mall employee get a hold of your kids ears. Bring them to Haven.”

  • Olivia Barth

    2017-10-23 “I haven’t gotten a piercing in almost six years and had my tragus pierced today by Jay! He’s awesome! Very informative and nice! I’m looking forward to coming back for my daith, helix or both!”

  • Mikayla Marie

    2017-10-22 “Went for the first time today and amazing staff and such a clean facility. The staff was super helpful and made me comfortable during the entire piercing process! I would recommend to anyone looking to get a piercing done. Thank you!”

  • Samantha Spooner

    2017-10-22 “Had such an amazing time tonight with Erin I didn’t even know she was an apprentice. Very thorough, focused and pleasant. She wasn’t annoyed when I asked questions and took the time to listen. Such a talented artist who I will be seeing again. The shop was very clean so walking in I was impressed. The staff around seemed to all have pleasant attitudes as well. I definitely will be recommending haven body to anyone who is questioning where to get their next ink.”

  • Jennifer Marie

    2017-10-09 “I brought my 9 year old and 4 year old to get their ears pierced. Jay was endlessly understanding and patient. My 4 year old ended up getting just one lobe pierced and my 9 year old didn’t go through with it. But when she cried on the way home, and I turned back around, Jay was so sweet and she got both ears done! I am beyond thrilled with the entire experience, start to finish.”

  • Kelly Mignault

    2017-10-03  “Got a new piercing and tattoo yesterday! Love everyone at Haven Body Arts! Kelsea put up with my indecisiveness on wanting either a conch or septum piercing and my massive amounts of questions! I ended up going with a conch. Jay is an awesome piercer! I’ve been pierced by him a couple times before as well. I got my tattoo done by their new tattoo apprentice, Erin. She was great! Thanks guys!!”

  • Tiffany Szczepanski

    2017-09-22  “Been going to Penelope for many years, she is awesome! Never had any issues, always clean, goes over everything, always does a super job! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

  • Tiffany Tauscher Labrie

    2017-09-21  “Thank you so much for the great experience with my 7 year old’s ear piercings today! Jay was wonderful with my daughter, and your staff was great as well. Very professional, clean, and knowledgeable staff. Absolutely recommend.”

  • Laurain M. Ruddeforth

    2017-09-13  “The people are great. There is a large selection of body art to choose from. Whether it’s a tattoo or piercing or other types of art, it is done professionally, in a very clean environment with awesome talented people. Please check ’em out.”

  • Linda Curran

    2017-09-07  “More than happy with my tattoo!!! The staff was friendly and helpful!! Looking forward to my next visit!”

  • Jessica Kelly

    2017-09-06  “I loved my experience at Haven Body Arts. The staff were super friendly, professional and the place is super clean! Erin, did my tattoo and she is so unbelievably talented! I can’t thank her enough for the incredible detail!”

  • Kendall Imari Brinson

    2017-09-05  “I had the pleasure of being pierced by Penelope who is an extremely funny and friendly person. I loved everything about my experience in the shop. Everything was clean, quick and professional and without a doubt I will be returning to get pierced again in the future.”

  • Christine Colella

    2017-09-03  “Penelope was awesome! My daughters are 13 and 24 and we had a great time getting our helixes pierced! Lots of smiles and laughs. We are treating them now and changing our pillow cases. I like how P reminded my youngest about care…thank you! …and Christina was great at the counter”

  • Sarah Brown

    2017-09  “I just went and got my philtrum pierced and I can only say great things about Haven. Penelope was fantastic! She talks and makes you laugh to keep you at ease while she pokes at whatever part of your body. Everything was super clean and super fun. I’ll definitely go back!”

  • Beq Lendvay

    2017-08-29 “I love this shop! While I’ve never gotten a tattoo from anybody at Haven, Jay did an excellent job piercing me (in a tricky location, even!) and was super friendly and professional throughout the process. I always admire their artists’ work on social media and plan to come back for more here some day, despite living far away.”

  • Ali Ingellis

    2017-08-26  “Excellent place! My 8 year old niece had her ears pierced by Jay and he made the experience empowering for her. He was kind in his demeanor and made sure she felt in charge of the experience. I will absolutely be recommending this place to everyone!”

  • Elizabeth Wilson Deren

    2017-08-26 “I can’t say enough good things about Haven Body Arts. I took my 8 year old daughter to get her ears pierced today and Jay was amazing. I knew I wanted to take her to a professional, but I was unsure of whether a studio would accommodate a child. Haven Body Arts knocked it out of the park. Jay explained everything to her and made it clear that she was in the driver’s seat. There would be no shame if she needed to stop, take a break, not finish, or walk out. No biggie. It was on her terms. As a mother of a child, particularly a daughter, going to a place that accommodated her in this way was incredibly meaningful to me. This was her choice and it’s her body. Jay empowered her to feel that way. On top of all that, he was incredibly professional, kind, and warm. She was in a private room that was as sterile as an out patient clinic and all the staff were friendly and helpful (and very patient as she took FOREVER to pick an earring style). If you have a child and you live within driving distance to Northampton, go to Haven Body Arts. We drove out from Boston. If you don’t live nearby, call them and ask for a recommendation for a place near you. Let’s stop the mall piercing madness, one kid at a time.”

  • Athenais LaMontespan

    2017-08-06 “My kid’s earlobes healed perfectly, not a single moment of redness in either lobe. xoxo”

  • Emily Taylor

    2017-07-30 “I just recently got a piercing done here, and I couldn’t be happier with the service and advice! Thanks to Kelsey’s help I got an amazing forward helix piercing that I love! All the staff are super friendly and very helpful! Thank you Kelsey!”

  • Sue Boyle Dziura

    2017-07-25 “I waited 20 years to do this and am so happy that I did! My experience with Penelope was easy, fun, and relaxed! I’m already planning my next piercing!”

  • Diana Israeli

    2017-07-24  “I love piercings. And I have accumulated many over the years. I cannot overstate enough how important it is and what a huge difference it makes when you are pierced by a professional. By someone with experience. By someone who will work with your anatomy and advise on best placement. By someone who will tell you if a piercing you want won’t work and not just take your money. I can go on and on but you get my point. Go check out Haven Body Arts. These guys are professionals and their shop is amazing. You will thank me later. But mostly you will thank them”

  • Jade Campbell

    2017-07-22 “We drove an hour and forty minutes and I would’ve driven double that for this amazing experience. They are professional, insightful, personable, and very clean. They have a great eye for what works best for each customer’s face shape and they will lead you in the right direction. I would 100% recommend.”

  • Katy Peterson

    2017-07-10 “I brought my daughter in to have her ears pierced for her 7th birthday. She had such a good time and was so happy that it didn’t hurt at all! I was so super impressed with how clean/sterile all the equipment was, how polite everyone was, and Jay was great. He took the time to explain everything to us both as he went so there were no surprises. I highly recommend them to any parents I know who want to get their kids ears pierced!”

  • Katrina Hebert Courtemanche

    2017-07-06  “I have had all of my piercings done at Haven and I have never had a bad experience. My most recent piercing I had done was my Rook, which I had wanted for over 6 years but due to my anxiety about how much pain this piercing causes, I kept putting it off. When I walked in to discuss having the piercing done I was greeted by Jay, who immediately put me at ease by walking me through what I could expect during and after. He reassured me that since I had my forward helix done without much pain there was no reason to believe this one would be any different. He was awesome. Definitely the best piercer I have ever had, and he never made me feel bad for being so nervous. Thank you Jay!”

  • xFiggz- 413

    2017-July “I had the most amazing experience!!! It was calm and i was nervous about getting my nose done but jay stepped me through what he was doing and that helped a lot i would definitely come back there to get a piercing done. It was a lot of fun thanks haven body art !!!”

  • Tiffany June Blonder

    2017-06-28  “I have been going here since they opened many many years ago and still to this day I am impressed by their staff and beautiful selection of jewelry. The most recent nose ring they ordered for me is exactly what I wanted. Jay was amazing at making it fit just right for me because took a bit of tweaking to look sit the way I needed it to. Personally, I wouldn’t trust any other piercer other than him . Thank you Jay and Penelope!”

  • Terri Phillips Mosakewicz

    2017-06-24  “Penelope was fantastic!!  Very educated and entertaining.”

  • Heather Elizabeth Gagliardi

    2017-06-24  “Had an amazing experience! They were very welcoming, made you feel comfortable, and it’s a very clean place. Jay did my piercing and he was great, such a patient and funny guy. Hands down the best place I’ve been for a piercing, I’ll definitely be returning in the future! 

  • Emma Zeininger

    2017-06-24  “This was by far the best place I’ve ever been for a piercing! My friend and I went to together and had Jay do ours. He was thorough and very warming. Also had an amazing personality which made the experience that much better! Definitely will be coming back. 

  • Isabelle Johnson

    2017-06-18  “Just got my rook and bottom navel done and my top navel redone, Penelope is fun and professional.  I will definitely be coming back.”

  • Jenny McCormick

    2017-June “The owner and her staff are super nice. They know what they are doing and the price was pretty good.”

  • Kelly Fellows

    2017-05-31  “I’ve gotten 4 piercings(with Penelope), 2 tattoos with Cau and 1 tattoo with Roman at Haven. From the receptionist to all of the artists, there is a wonderful atmosphere of professionalism and genuine desire to see customers walk out happier than when they arrived. I am always planning my next trip into the shop. Can’t wait for the next piece of body art!”

  • Kerri Degrange

    2017-05-31  “Jay was wonderful! Great experience. .would definitely return and recommend!”

  • Lesley Schneider

    2017-05-26  “I have gotten pierced by all three piercers and they are all wonderful, caring, professional, and…..they really know what they are doing! My ear lobes had decades of scarring and lumps. They managed to work with what was there and give me three brand new piercings in each ear with no trouble. I am very happy and would highly recommend all these professionals.”

  • Heather Lynn Trombly

    2017-03-27  “Had a great experience! Was very nervous getting my septum pierced but Kelsea at the front desk was very friendly and helpful and Jay, who pierced me, was very professional and patient. The piercing itself was not painful and healing and cleaning have been a breeze. Everything I needed I could buy right there and that was so convenient. The jewelry options were beautiful. They had something for every style. Everything was so clean and they’re family friendly. I was able to bring my kids, as long as I had someone with me to watch them. I will definitely be back again!”

  • Samantha Favreau

    2017-03-12  “I have had a total of three piercings done by Jay .(helix,conch, and septum). The staff at Haven are very knowledgeable and friendly. Jay is an amazing piercer. He explains the process and aftercare very well. I never had a piercing experience go so well until I came to Haven. Will always go back again!!!!”

  • Meagan Roraback

    2017-03-12  “I continue to be impressed by Haven Body Arts and the amazing staff there. I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else!”

  • Beth Brown

    2017-03-11  “We had an excellent experience with Jay today. He pierced my nervous 10 year old. He was calm and comforting, explaining every step before it happened and Bryanna got her highly anticipated ear piercing done! She is so happy! Thanks so much!”

  • Nikki Bruneau

    2017-02-28  “I’ve gotten 5 piercings here and wont go anywhere else, EVER”

  • Daisy Cruz

    2017-02-25  “Absolutely wonderful experience getting a Daith piercing! Jay was so professional and the piercing was the least painful piercing I’ve ever had. I will be back for more jewelry and piercings soon. Thanks!”

  • Courtney Basil

    2017-02-01 “Penelope was fantastic. She took her time to make sure the piercings were even and had the best bedside manner I’ve ever encountered. I look forward to having her pierce me again. The shop was clean and had lots of jewelry options to choose from. The peeps behind the counter were friendly too. I would highly recommend Haven to anyone looking for an exceptional piecing experience. Thanks Penelope”

  • Alye Lombard

    2017-01-22  “After getting a botched septum piercing in the past, I was extremely nervous about re-piercing it. Jay took the time to listen to my concerns and look at pictures of my past piercing. He was knowledgeable, professional, and his work is amazing! My septum turned out to be everything I’ve ever wanted it to be! I finally feel like myself and I can’t thank him enough for his work.”

  • Milz Commodore

    2017-01-10  “I had a great piercing experience with Penelope! She was amazing. Not only was she professional, but she had an gentle vibe about her. Great experience overall!”

  • Sasha Kagan

    2017-01-08  “Had my navel pierced for my 18th birthday which was also my real first piercing. Jay was amazing and it could not have gone any smoother. quick and painless! I’ll definitely be coming back for future piercings and definitely recommend Haven to everyone I know