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“I’ve gotten 5 piercings here and won’t go anywhere else, EVER”

Nikki Bruneau

“My 3 roommates and I were very nervous to get our first cartilage piercings, but Penelope at Haven made it painless and eased our nerves! She was so helpful and answered all of our many questions! Would definitely recommend Haven to anyone who is nervous about getting a new piercing since they have such a welcoming and clean environment!”

Megan Stoner

“Talented & friendly piercers, immaculately clean facility, great w/ kids & first-timers, large collection of quality jewelry, easy to buy gift certificates. We love Haven Body Arts, have been here several times.”

Ann Rasmussen

“Went in for a piercing with Penelope, she was great! So funny and walked me through the process. Overall great experience.”

Charlie Pearson

“I waited 20 years to do this and am so happy that I did! My experience with Penelope was easy, fun, and relaxed! I’m already planning my next piercing!”

Sue Boyle Dziura

“I love piercings. And I have accumulated many over the years. I cannot overstate enough how important it is and what a huge difference it makes when you are pierced by a professional. By someone with experience. By someone who will work with your anatomy and advise on best placement. By someone who will tell you if a piercing you want won’t work and not just take your money. I can go on and on but you get my point. Go check out Haven Body Arts. These guys are professionals and their shop is amazing. You will thank me later. But mostly you will thank them”

Diana Israeli

“I brought my 10 year old daughter to get her ears pierced and Penelope was amazing! She was great with my daughter and very funny. It helped with her nerves for sure! She explained everything to both me and my daughter so we would feel comfortable with the entire process. I cannot recommend Penelope enough for everything! Very, very happy! My 14 year old daughter had hers done here when she was 8 it was also and excellent experience. Glad to have driven the 45 minutes out took me to get there.”

Kim Barry

“Very good place! they have a great Staff. Thank you guys for the best experience!”

Rodríguez Liz

“My girl finally decided she was ready for her first piercing as her 8th birthday gift. We did some research and choose to come see Penelope, she did not disappoint! She was great with my girl calming her and we had some fun too!! Thank you so much for making this such a great experience for her ♥️ Professional- kind- fun!!!!”

Marcia Morris

“Penelope was fantastic. She took her time to make sure the piercings were even and had the best bedside manner I’ve ever encountered. I look forward to having her pierce me again. The shop was clean and had lots of jewelry options to choose from. The peeps behind the counter were friendly too. I would highly recommend Haven to anyone looking for an exceptional piecing experience. Thanks Penelope”

Courtney Basil

“I got 2 tattoos there today and am happy with the results.”

Amelia Jayne

“Changing tattoo artists is always daunting, but I’ve found my new go to place! just got a beautiful watercolor DNA molecule tattoo done today and I am absolutely in love! high quality and at a super affordable rate. cant wait to set up my next appointment!”

Kim Bonacker

“Pleased with my experience. I had Penelope and she did a good job despite my ears having a lack of cartilage. The whole experience was smooth and even a day after I do not have a lot of pain in the cartilage.”

Kristi Beisecker

“We drove an hour and forty minutes and I would’ve driven double that for this amazing experience. They are professional, insightful, personable, and very clean. They have a great eye for what works best for each customer’s face shape and they will lead you in the right direction. I would 100% recommend.”

Jade Campbell

“Very nice professional and accommodating.”

April Lee White

“I got a daith piercing a few hours ago. I had a wonderful experience with Penelope! It was less painful than stubbing your toe and it was over much quicker than it too . I would highly recommend Haven for your next piercing!”

Iomay Caban

“I came into the shop today for the second time. Once again I was not disappointed. Penelope took her time with me and made sure my new piercings were placed perfectly. She answered all of my questions and was extremely patient. I will definitely be coming back for another!”

Nicola Salomone

“The owner and her staff are super nice. They know what they are doing and the price was pretty good.”

Jenny Mccormick

“Daughter and I went to get mom/daughter tattoo and it looks great!”

Deborah Hoffman

“Penelope is amazing! I drove an hour to get a rook piercing 2 weeks ago because of the reputation of her shop. She made the whole experience so calm and easy going and you can tell she’s and expert in her field. I can’t wait to come back and add some more jewelry to my ears!!!”

Kelsey Rae Stasiewski

“The people are great. There is a large selection of body art to choose from. Whether it’s a tattoo or piercing or other types of art, it is done professionally, in a very clean environment with awesome talented people. Please check ’em out.”

Laurain M. Ruddefort

“I’ve had countless positive experiences here. They’re always so cheerful and helpful when I go in.”

Becca Sanborn

“Been going to Penelope for many years, she is awesome! Never had any issues, always clean, goes over everything, always does a super job! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Tiffany Szczepanski

“Absolutely loved the friendliness of the staff and how they made my experience there awesome! Thank you love my industrial piercing can’t wait to go back in two weeks for my tattoo.”

Brie Wickland

“I’ve had my Tragus, helix(cartilage), and my second lobe piercings all done at Haven. I won’t go anywhere else! They are clean professional and SO fun to work with. They make sure your piercings look good with the current set up you have and place them where they will look good with future piercings. Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to get piercings!!”

Seaira Wolfe

“I went with a friend while she got a Daith done. The place was clean and the staff was very friendly and professional. Penelope was amazing, funny and reassuring. If I ever decide on another tattoo or piercing in the future, this place is a definite.”

Veronica Chaisson

“More than happy with my tattoo!!! The staff was friendly and helpful!! Looking forward to my next visit!”

Linda Curran

“Just had my nose re-pierced by Penelope . This is my 2nd done from her and the experience was just fun and easy. I happened to be walking by and I just decided to walk in. Penelope was awesome and answered my barrage of questions! Will be back soon!”

Meagan Maldonado

“Penelope was AMAZINGGG, so funny and super sweet, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!! All high end jewelry, can be a little pricey but well worth it!”

Maddie Bentz

“Extremely knowledgeable and made the experience so much fun…everyone had great attitudes and were super personable. I felt very confident in Penelope’s attention to keeping a sterile field, being in the medical profession I could tell she takes it very seriously and that put my mind at ease. The piercing wasn’t painful at all and the results are awesome. So really all around a great experience! Thank you so much. MB”

Marybeth Morin Piquette

“Took my daughter today for piercing & re-piercing. Clean & comfortable environment, professional artists! Happy we took the drive, well worth it.”

Jodi Davick

“Such awesome service! The piercer was extremely kind and straightforward about it all. An amazing experience will be returning. Thank you.”

Alyssa Santos

“I wanted to get a simple nose piercing and Penelope helped me pick the type and the receptionist helped with the size and color! They were all super welcoming and the place was clean and comfortable. Penelope has sphinx cats ( Hairless) and being a lover of them myself, we talked about that the whole time! She’s super nice and funny, knows her stuff, and open to helping you relax. Most definitely coming again!”

Kiana Bauer

“The absolute best place for tattoos and piercings! Been going there for years and after 2 piercings and 2 tattoos, I’ll definitely be back!”

Meghan Mckenzie

“I had a great piercing experience with Penelope! She was amazing. Not only was she professional, but she had an gentle vibe about her. Great experience overall!”

Milz Commodore

“I had the pleasure of being pierced by Penelope who is an extremely funny and friendly person. I loved everything about my experience in the shop. Everything was clean, quick and professional and without a doubt I will be returning to get pierced again in the future.”

Kendall Imari Brinson

“Just got my rook and bottom navel done and my top navel redone, Penelope is fun and professional. I will definitely be coming back.”

Isabelle Johnson

“The shop was extremely clean and organized. The staff were welcoming, efficient, informative, patient, and friendly!!”

Sam Lescarbeau

“Very accepting and talented artists. Every time I go i have a great experience.”

Airwrecca Arroyo

“Penelope pierced my vertical labret today and I am IN LOVE!!! Not only did it turn out perfect, she was super friendly, personable, and sweet, not to mention professional! She is my new go-to piercer for sure!! Thank you again!“

Nicole Ann

“I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for piercings!”

Jennifer Rose Landry

“Went for the first time today and amazing staff and such a clean facility. The staff was super helpful and made me comfortable during the entire piercing process! I would recommend to anyone looking to get a piercing done. Thank you!”

Mikayla Marie

“I’ll admit. I was a little nervous for the industrial piercing. As soon as Penelope called me in. I knew I went to the right place. She’s so nice! Personal and knowledgeable about her field. Would recommend 110%!”

Tyler Lacamera

“I’ve gotten 2 tattoos and 2 piercings done there now, and I always have such a great experience anytime I go there! Highly recommend going here!”

Shannon Wing

“Super clean and amazing staff!! I felt like I made the right choice from the minute I walked in the door. A friend and I both got pierced. Thank you!”

Amy Buhbye

“Excellent experience all around bringing my 10 year old daughter to get her ears pierced.”

Owen Zaret

“I continue to be impressed by Haven Body Arts and the amazing staff there. I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else!” – 3/12/2017

Meagan Roraback

“Was having an awful mental health day and needed something to help me! Headed straight to Haven and got a beautiful septum piercing! They are amazing a truly know how to lift ones spirits!”

Katie Gress

“Such a great experience going here for the first time . Very nice and clean , I’ve officially found my new tattoo shop”

Kassidyy Lee

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