Questions & Answers – Piercing & Tattoo Removal

  • I want my modification removed, what do I do?
    • Piercings
      • This will depend on the type of piercing in question.
      • The best thing to do is call HBA and ask about your piercing.
      • If it is a easy removal the artist will tell you over the phone on how to properly remove the jewelry.
      • If the piercing is more complex or in a sensitive area, the artist will have you come into the shop and safely remove the jewelry.
    • Tattoos
      • Tattoos should be considered a permanent modification and should not be entered into lightly.
      • Laser removal is not guaranteed to remove a tattoo completely, and may require multiple sessions.
      • Laser removal may be expensive.
      • Laser removal is painful.
    • My piercing is infected
      • Contact HBA immediately if you suspect infection of a piercing.
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