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Vee’s Tattoo Profile

I have been offering handpoked tattoos since 2014, weaving in my passion for the occult, ancestry, blackwork and adornment. I draw inspiration from my Thai ancestors and their spiritual tattoo practice of Sak Yant and I am constantly curious to hear about my client’s lineage and the images that are meaningful for them. I love learning and working together with clients to create totems that represent them. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a silly or traditional tattoo 🙂

I have both substantial education in fine art and cleanliness, which I lean on to create a safe and trauma informed space for my clients.

Handpoked tattoos are a gentle(r) and slower form of tattooing that is applied with a tattoo needle fastened to a thin bamboo stick. It is a common misconception that handpoked tattoos can be more painful than machine made tattoos. Nothing could be farther from the truth, in fact, most people report less pain. Handpoked tattoos do, however, take longer to complete than a machine made tattoo. Most designs can be achieved with a handpoked method but there may be limitations, this will be discussed during a design consultation.

A substantial part of my career is devoted to serving teens in the juvenile justice system, teaching them how to meditate and achieve their goals. A percentage of my tattoo income goes to the resources for my students.

Call the studio at (413) 584-MODS (6637), use the form on our contact page, or stop by the studio in person to schedule a tattoo consultation.