Questions & Answers – Tattoo Design – New Work & Cover Ups

  • Are color tattoos more expensive?
    • Tattoos are priced by time not by the color of the ink.
  • How much does this cost?
    • For appointments HBA requires a $75 deposit, which will be put towards the cost of your tattoo.
    • Please call the shop to speak with our artists about pricing.
  • How much do custom drawings cost?
    • If you decide you do not wish to be tattooed and have already made a deposit, you will receive the drawing the artist has finished, and HBA will keep the deposit as a drawing fee.
    • The drawing fee only applies if you made a deposit and do not follow through with your tattoo.
  • Cover ups (Scars, Tattoos, Stretch marks)?
    • Generally the artist will be able to create a cover up for scars, other tattoos, and stretch marks as long as the areas are completely healed.
    • If there is excessive scarring or tissue damage to a certain area a cover up may not be possible.
    • For all cover ups you should meet the artist in person for an evaluation.
    • During the evaluation the artist will be able to determine what options are available for you.
  • You have your own image or design.
    • You may bring in any picture or design you want, though the image may have to be altered before being rendered as a tattoo.
    • Certain images and / or drawings may not be copied exactly as they are seen due to tattoo size and location.
    • The artist may use the exact sample, but will most likely try to find a way to customize the piece, and make it unique for you.
    • The more examples you bring in, the better understanding the artist will have of what you want.
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