The body modification industry is full of professional and talented artists who have your health and safety as a top priority. With the growing popularity of tattooing & piercing, and the growing number of shops, this is unfortunately not always the case. There are those who would sacrifice your health & safety, and cut corners to earn a quick buck. It is important for you to be informed on how to protect yourself.

  • Other shops can do it for less, why shouldn’t I go there?
    • A better question to ask is why is it less expensive at that shop?
    • There are shops that would use equipment and procedures that save them money but increase health risks to you.
    • Would you go to a hospital that costs less but provided you questionable care and endangered your health and safety?
    • To provide and maintain properly working equipment and supplies is expensive, which is a factor in raising the price of a procedure.
    • If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
    • HBA only uses supplies which are sterile or single use disposable as well as implant grade materials such as: 316LVM F-138 Surgical Steel, Titanium, Glass, 18k Nickle free Gold, and inks / pigments.