Questions & Answers – Long Term Modifications & Aging

  • What is going to happen to my modification as I get older?
    • Piercings
      • Once a piercing is healed properly it should hold its position and look as long as it does not suffer any trauma, or the jewelry is removed.
      • Even fully healed piercings may close quickly if the jewelry is removed.
      • This may happen even if the piercing has been in place for a long period of time.
      • This varies from person to person as well as the location of the piercing.
    • Tattoos
      • You should keep in mind that the tattoo is placed within living tissue that is constantly regenerating.
      • The tattoo itself will also change over time along with the tissue.
  • How can I keep my tattoo looking fresh and new?
    • You must follow the aftercare given to you by your artist.
    • Protecting the tattoo from long term exposure to the sun will reduce fading.
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