Questions & Answers – Artist Selection

This section is designed to educate clients on what to look for in terms of finding a legitimate shop and artist.

  • Questions to ask: (A qualified artist will be able and willing to answer any and all of your questions.)
    • How long have you been practicing?
    • Who did you receive an apprenticeship from? When they give you a name feel free to call that artist and make sure its true.
    • Do you have a portfolio of your work?
    • Do you have a portfolio with the type of work I want done? Not all artists have experience with all techniques and styles in their art. Make sure they can show you examples.
    • Do you have additional certifications and education within your field?
    • Ask to see the current auto-clave spore test results.
  • Apprentice or Artist:
    • Some shops will have an apprentice posing as an artist.
    • Make sure to check for portfolios and evidence of apprenticeship.
    • Check for a valid license
  • Licensing:
    • All artists performing body art should have a current license from their respective board of health.
    • This should be clearly displayed somewhere within the shop.
  • Warning Signs:
    • Artists that cannot or will not be willing to answer your questions completely.
    • Lack of a portfolio
    • A portfolio that does not contain examples of healed work.
    • A cluttered, disorganized shop.
    • The artists rooms or stations must be only used for their respective art.
    • Not having a designated area in which to safely process and sterilize contaminated tools.
    • Poor personal hygiene of the artist.
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