Tattoo Portfolio

Art Portfolio

Name’s Erin, but will respond to various things.  Born and raised in New England Massachusetts, which means I say words like “wicked” a lot.  Typically seen wearing mostly black, but when I do wear color its usually the brightest neon color I can find.  I play human servant to the fluffiest cat you’d ever meet, she’s a full pedigree Persian and her name is Picchu.  Most importantly, don’t read the last sentence until the very end.  I feel like it took me longer than most to find my way into art.  All through school I would doodle in my notebooks, mainly abstract and geometric designs.  When I was little I once had a teacher complain to my mother that I never wanted to clean up my art supplies because I “wasn’t finished yet.”  However, it wasn’t until college that I realized I could draw other things – like cartoons — which eventually led to portraits!  Portraits slowly became an obsession for me, so much so that I made the drastic change from a Biology major to an Art major for my third year of school.  Ironically, after that first arts semester I hated my courses so much that I flunked out.  That’s when I decided to build an art portfolio so I could attend art school instead.  Turns out school just wasn’t in the cards for me because the more portraits drew for my portfolio, the more people began reaching out to me to draw them! From 2012 to 2016 I spent most of my time drawing portrait commissions and working various retail jobs.  At this point I had a dream for myself.  I wanted to take the next step and tattoo portraits. Tattooing is an art form I’ve always appreciated and the thought of creating permanent art fascinated me.  I followed that dream and found myself at Haven Body Arts where Penelope and Carolina generously opened their arms to me and accepted me as a tattoo apprentice.  My general style focuses on black and grey realism, and any form of anatomy pulls on my heart strings (no pun intended).  Good for you, you little rebel, I support your rule breaking ways!